AVG Cloud Care Package for business protection probley the most feature rich security on the market to scure you online activity. AVG’s Cloud care is a internet controlled antivirus firewall and remote support package all in one.

AVG Cloud care Anti Virus Package is controlled over the cloud so that it mangers can initiate updates & scan on all business system with the click of one button. allow it staff to respond quickly and efficiently to eradicate Virus Out breaks on Business systems before the user is even aware that there is a virus on there system.

avgcclp1AVG Cloud care Evans includes and outlook plug in to scan all you incoming and out going emails for maliches file before the user opens it and cause havoc on you network.

also as an addon to this packeg you can upgrade to content filtering to make sure that you employs are not putting you business at risk with there online activity’s adding further protection from malitos websites trying to gain compromise your systems to gain access.

avgcclp2To top this all off avg offers a data back up service that runs natively in the background protecting your file with offsite back up chages depends of size of back up. Back up are your best friend when it come to dealing with worst case scenario and a back up system should always be in-place even if you decide not to add it in with cloud care.

AVG Remote support included as stranded all system can gain Sucre remote support from PC DR  this is very useful for staff working out of the office were i can we hard to get hold of there system.

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